My Adventure Time as an organization with over 10 years of experience running some of the finest and satisfying tours for many prestigious educational institutions all across India.

The idea is to provide the students a holiday close to nature in the form of outdoor camping away from regular tourist mobs. Our basic adventure activities include trekking, camping, river rafting, skiing, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, wildlife safari, Road Trip, Rope courses, Bush crafting, Parasailing, Paragliding, caving, Scuba Diving, Bungee Jumping, Surfing, Summer camp, Team Building, Corporate Training and programs etc. Environment workshop, interaction with local schools/villagers, visits to local museums and other cultural centers helps the participants realize the importance of the heritage and traditions along with the development of an awareness for the environment problem.


Apart from providing a fun-filled experience, each such exercise fosters qualities of self-confidence, leadership, determination, dignity of labour and team spirit amongst its participants.


To promote the spirit of adventure among youngsters, we offer specialized programs for schools. All school itineraries are customized programs for youngsters. We could draft the itinerary / special incentive program as per your requirement.

Important thumb rules while planning School Itineraries

Food & WATER:  We ensure nutritious and tasty food which includes veg. and Non veg. (according to the choice of the management) in hygienic environments. We only provide mineral water bottles, during travel and RO water in hotel/campsites.

TRAVEL: We provide hassle free journey, so that the staff and the students can concentrate on the mission and vision of the tours rather than spending valuable time on the logistics. Wide range of travels from economy to semi luxury and luxury coaches are offered according to the choice of the management. Our coaches are chosen with great care to ensure that they deal the staff and the students of the college with great care and friendliness. Luxury coaches include cushioned seats, audio facilities carrying the specified destinations by the experienced drive

ACCOMMODATION: The accommodation is provided with great care and comfort with basic facilities of attached bathroom, TV and intercom for communication. Luxurious hotels are also offered for accommodation with centrally air conditioned with additional facilities like swimming pool and the playgrounds. Accommodation is generally 1:6 bases for primary and 1:4 for secondary school programs.

TOUR MANAGER AND ESCORTS:  Careful recruitment of the tour managers to handle any situation and consistent training to be updated with the information to guide the tour professionally. Our tour managers are amicable and caring to fulfil all travel and accommodation needs of the students and staff and they leave their long lasting impression even after the tour.


Each program/package is meticulously designed and all features/instructions are conveyed in a preliminary briefing. Groups are capably supervised and guided by qualified professionals who have specialized knowledge and training and Extensive experience in the field of adventure sports and travel. Naturalists and experts also accompany the group as and when required. Care is taken to ensure the comfort and safety of every participant


Outdoor Education is the use of experience in the outdoors for the education and development purposes. Outdoor education broadly includes environmental education, conservation education, adventure education, camping, wilderness therapy, and some aspects of outdoor recreation.

Outdoor Education program for Schools

My Adventure Time school programs are specifically designed and tailored for the young students based on their development needs. Programs include the principles of experiential, outdoor and adventure education to facilitate the overall development of character, personality and life skills.

The programs are designed to introduce the students to experiential learning with adventure and outdoor education, leading to a meaningful experiences, reflection, self-discovery and character development.

Learning Objectives:  Character Building, Team spirit, Trust Building, Enhancing Self Confidence, Motivation and achievement.   

Learning Style: Experiential Learning with Adventure and Nature Based Learning Activities. 

We offer programs to schools, colleges, and universities from 6 years onwards to young adults. Our programs include outdoor learning, team building, and adventure camps to adventure sports.  We also tailor the programs to meet the requirements of the International Baccalaureate (IB) guidelines based on the CAS modules of Creativity Action and Service.

Outdoor Education

 We offer a diverse range of outdoor education programs designed provide for challenge and excitement by deliberately exposing students to elements of high risk. Our programs present students with realistic outdoor challenges within safe and fun environments


 Expeditions include a process of planning and preparation, to managing and organizing resources and implementation of the expedition journey on ground. Students ‘learn by doing’. They develop and practice the necessary concepts and skills through real time experiences along the way.