My Adventure Time offers unique & exciting adventure and travel programs for students and young professionals. Each life-enriching program is carefully planned and executed with time for fun and adventure built in. Expand your horizons in great places with great people and discover yourself in the process.


SAFETY: While designing and delivering the programs we take of safety of participants, Physical Safety and Emotional Safety. We are committed to provide the safe environment for our participants, for a great experience of outdoor.

KOLB’S LEARNING CYCLE: David A. Kolb’s model of experiential learning explains how the process of learning takes place. It is commonly used to help structure experience-based training & education programs.

NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP): The brain functions at various levels and an individual can be empowered by programming these levels. We target the higher levels of NLP and the effects trickle down to the lower ones through the program

LEAVE NO TRACE (LNT): Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics teaches people of all ages how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly, and is the most widely accepted outdoor ethics program.

Having experience with eminent education schools & institutes of India, in providing tailor-made travel and education packages and programs for youth groups and schools to various destinations in India and throughout the world! Whether the emphasis of your trip is culture, education, and awareness and/or sports our expertise is combining these elements with adventure activities to create comprehensive and exciting travel opportunities, including

  1. Primary School Educational trips/Programs
  2. Secondary School Educational Residential Trips
  3. Senior School programs
  4. Tailor made packages for young groups

We ensure your experience is unique!     One that leaves you humbled, happy and refreshed!!!


Tailor made programs to suit your class requirements!

Organizing a primary school class trip can at first appear to be a daunting task! At My Adventure Time, we offer our experience and support in working on a program that best suits your class or group requirements and budget. In this section you will find out what types of school trip we can offer you and we will also give you ideas as to how your program could look. Alternatively if you already have something in mind then why not contact us today and we’ll put a school travel quote together for you.


Your program can be built around key stage subjects.

In line with some of the key curricular subjects taught at primary school level, My Adventure Time have developed a number of program elements that aid teaching and help meet students learning objectives. Using our expertise in outdoor adventure, we create a primary school trip that’s built around particular key stage subjects of interest and focus by including certain elements to the program, for example: RIVER STUDIES, SAVE THE WOODS, LAND & WATER BASED SKILLS, SURVIVAL AND CAMP CRAFT. These school trip elements can be added to your program as single sessions or indeed as multi-day options. Furthermore if you have any specific area that you would like your group to focus on during their time with us then please do not hesitate to get in contact to discuss the opportunities available.

2 A-    MULTI ACTIVITY PROGRAM: Very popular among secondary school, our multi-activity program can be adapted for 2 and 4 night residential travel program. Taking secondary school children out of their everyday classroom environment these programs are very much ‘Learning outside the Classroom’. We encourage the students to try something they perhaps haven’t experienced before, taking them out of their comfort zone, challenging them to work as part of a team as well as enhancing confidence and self-esteem. 
Social interaction and inclusion are at the forefront of a fun and active program, taking place in a SAFE and secure environment.”

2 B-    COMMUNITY PROJECTS & CULTURAL AWARENESS:  For those schools and groups looking to go further afield then My Adventure Time has more to offer! 
 Uttrakhand and Rajasthan are 2 states rich in culture, history and wildlife, whilst at the same time, some of the areas of both the states have very poor and deprived areas and communities. My Adventure Time has established links with partners in both these states and are able to offer visiting students an enriching, eye-opening and rewarding travel experience that is sure to open minds and hearts. We will work with you to organize a link between your school/group with a partner school or community, long before you are due to visit. This will help establish the focus of your project/program and give your students an end goal, resulting in the trip itself.

Our educational travel programs for secondary schools are designed with a focus on the development of all students in a fun and interactive environment. These school trips are designed to take students out of their comfort zone and give them an opportunity to learn in a new environment with different activities, cultures and communities.

A variety of tasks and challenges will help keep both body and mind active, whilst increasing the students’ self-esteem and enhancing their ability to work independently and as part of a team. 
Whatever the focus of your educational trip our experienced staff team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your school travel program is both enjoyable and rewarding.


Using the principles we have developed to achieve the “Learning outside the Classroom”” accreditation, we are able to adapt our educational travel programs to be cross curricular for both schools and colleges. This can be done either by utilizing the surrounding environment or by using and adapting the student activities we offer in order to bring the students’ learning to life!

You’ll be amazed at the natural synergies between what students are studying in class and the core activities that we have in our programs. Whether its bridge building for a group of students, river flow studies for a geography class or problem solving for a maths group, most subjects and many vocations can be integrated in to our academic programs.

(3a) OUTDOOR ADVENTURE: Being outdoors contributes to higher levels of wellbeing. Using the outdoors as a learning tool has huge academic benefits in creating scenarios that participants may never have been presented with or experienced before. 
Working with schools and colleges we have developed study travel programs across a number of areas where we incorporate outdoor adventure activities to achieve specific learning outcomes for young people.

(3b) MAIN & WIDER KEY SKILLS: We have study programs to push students to develop their key skills. Whether the aim is problem solving, working with others or focusing on their own personal development and communication, students will be faced with challenges that will encourage them to use, develop and review personal skills, often well outside their comfort zones. Our staff is able to internally assess the specified tasks, which then contribute to the student’s qualification.

(3c) TEAM BUILDING & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: A commonly used term, but we realize that the ability to work in a team is fundamental to a young person’s development and is a skill which potential employers look for. Whether it is linked with key skills, targeting specific issues within a group, developing individuals within a team, or simply bringing a group of people closer together, we can make student travel trips fit the end goal. With a whole range of tasks at our disposal we can adapt these tours to any age group, ability, course or subject.

(3d)  EXPEDITIONS: Using the outdoors and the elements with which we have little control over presents a challenge in itself and students are certainly put to the test in planning, preparing and carrying out their own outdoor expedition. Our team of experts will be on hand to guide the students throughout but we expect our expedition trips to be led by the group, creating a great tool for team building and developing young people as individuals. Our experience has shown that these types of educational learning trips are particularly popular for Public Service and Level 3 Sports Leader students.

(3e) LAND & WATER BASED SKILLS: These skills can be integrated in to a wider ‘Expedition’ program or as a general tool for team and personal development. We offer sports courses in mountaineering, ropes work and kayaking amongst others, and the skills acquired here often lead towards future qualifications on land and water.

(3f) SURVIVAL & CAMP CRAFT: As part of a specific multi day program or a brief session, we can take students back to basics to not only learn survival skills but also learn independence, adapting to the basic instinct to survive, whilst experiencing and appreciating the importance and value of the tools provided within the surrounding natural environment.”