We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating the safety measures of each of our destinations and activities. In fact, ensuring safety and security of the participants is our main priority. We have well trained and professional instructors and their thorough preparation in all the activities certainly ensures a safe and pleasant journey throughout the tour. In particular, our young and enthusiastic trainers certainly make the journey inspiring for the young minds. Each of our accommodations at different locations and activities have been personally visited by our instructors as part of their intensive and on-the-ground research. Besides, we have well experienced and qualified team leaders certified by National Mountaineering Institutes working in the youth travel industry. Especially, our professional trainers are well-versed in all the adventure activities such as rock climbing, River crossing, trekking, white water rafting etc.

After safety, balancing fun and EDUCATION is our #2 priority! We’ve learned from years of working with students what’s fun and what isn’t, and we are careful to balance itineraries with activities that are both fun and culturally educational. MAT employs responsible, well travelled, fun loving staff that works to ensure all of our participants are not only having a blast, but also learning a thing or two without even realizing it.

STAFF: We take safety seriously. Our well trained, knowledgeable staff and thorough preparation ensure that our trips run safely and smoothly each summer. Our Trip Leaders have years of experience working in the youth travel industry. Each member of our staff is carefully selected in a rigorous, multi-tiered interview process that includes background and thorough reference checks.

We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating the safety of each of our destinations and activities.
My Adventure Time always reserves the right to modify or cancel an itinerary if the Trip Leader feels that conditions are unsafe
Each of our accommodations and activities has been personally vetted by MAT staff as part of the intensive, on-the-ground research that is behind every trip

No one likes excessive rules, least of all teenagers. But some rules, like the ones that keep you safe, are essential. In order to strike a balance between rigidity and leniency, we strictly enforce only 3 easy to remember rules that all participants must adhere to in order to ensure their own safety and that of the group’s:

  1. No drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs
  2. No sex/sleeping in rooms with members of the opposite sex
  3. No leaving the group without permission or bringing anyone into the group without permission

Along with travel preparedness, following these 3 rules is vital to participants’ safety. In order to ensure the rules are respected and the group safe, MAT will send home participants who break any one of the rules. This is a one strike policy and has been very effective in deterring poor decisions.

My Adventure Time is responsible to manage risk which is an inherent part of our programs whether exploring wilderness or visiting a tourist destination. Thousands of students and trip leaders have joined My Adventure Time. Safety at My Adventure Time is built upon Four Pillars:

FOUR PILLARS OF RISK MANAGEMENT1 LEADERSHIP My Adventure Time has the responsibility to carefully qualify, select, train and supervise trip leaders who embrace their guardianship responsibility while engaging the passion of our students for adventure camp travel. My Adventure Time leaders carry on our hard-won reputation for excellence. Trip leaders are highly motivated role models with extensive experience working with teenagers. Trip leaders are certified in the highest levels of first aid and lifeguarding. Nearly all leaders have achieved their undergraduate degree. We select high achievers with a proven history of leadership with youth and an outstanding level of success in academics and community service. Leaders participate in an intensive one week trip leader training which focuses on safety systems, success working teenagers and leadership responsibility. Technical activities such as rock climbing and white water rafting are conducted by professional guides hired for their skill expertise.

          Visit Meet Our Leaders for more information.

  1. CAMPERS Well motivated students who are enthusiastic about adventure are required for My Adventure Time to succeed. We also understand that each traveller is an individual with his or her own distinctive perspective and limitations. Three requirements help My Adventure Time to assure a cohesive group. Two adult references, including one from your school and a ten-minute participants and their parent’s telephone interview.
  2. ITINERARY Customers join My Adventure Time for a shared and inspirational adventure. We have searched the world for adventures which will engage teenagers in an elevated awareness of their healthy place in our world while expanding their leadership skills and confidence. We also understand that each traveller is an individual with his or her own distinctive perspective and limitations. Spending a summer away from home and school offers students an incredible opportunity to gain independence while learning new skills and exploring the world outside their routine.
  3. RISK MANAGEMENT My Adventure Time activities are carefully planned to be repeatable and safe. We evaluate and re-evaluate every environment, activity and outfitter with one thing in mind: Will this be a successful and safe experience? Because My Adventure Time is an adventure travel program certain risks are inevitable. Risk management planning is the process of reviewing all the different aspects of a program to determine what steps need to be taken to ensure the safety and well‐being of all the parties involved. My Adventure Time is committed to managing the risks we assume in order to meet the goals of our families. The focus of our safety strategy is to create a culture of safety with our staff, partners and students through education, training and information dissemination, communication, contingency plans, protocols, training, and internal reviews.

My Adventure Time places a high priority on the realistic management of risks. Because of the varied terrain including mountains, rock, water, weather, white water and outdoor living components on six continents, participation with My Adventure Time contains some elements of risk. Due to inherent risks, My Adventure Time cannot legitimately offer a guarantee of safety. However, our acute awareness of and focus on risk management.

My Adventure Time has been entrusted with the care and education of its students while travelling. The physical and emotional health and welfare of students, as well as employees, is of highest priority to My Adventure Time. To that end our risk management plan includes several key components: quality staff, informed students, contingency planning, and support services (i.e. transportation and emergency communication systems).

Engaging in outdoor activities involves inherent and other risks ‐‐ many of which cannot be controlled. While My Adventure Time cannot guarantee safety, it can and does strive to manage the associated risks and inform its students of those risks. My Adventure Time deliberately teaches students how to adapt behaviour, recognize and manage risks and develop expertise to minimize potentially dangerous situations. Students know they are expected to conduct themselves responsibly by promoting their own safety and well‐being as well as that of other participants and leaders within the program. Students play an important role in our risk management practices.

My Adventure Time staff must create routine contingency plans on both the small and large scales. Major contingency planning occurs at the beginning of each program where safety is discussed. Throughout the program minor contingency planning is an ongoing process which occurs during the pre‐trip check and before each adventure outing. During the pre‐trip check, local emergency contact, health services, communication and evacuation procedures are reviewed.