Outbound Training is based on experiential learning model and includes group activities and games where participants go through challenges, obstacles and have to work together to overcome them. Each outbound activity has a structured approach to bring out specific learning and connect it back to the real life work areas. Outbound training lets the individuals and groups discover their latent talent and strengths in a safe, secure and supportive learning atmosphere.
In any Outbound Training and Team Building activities the facilitator challenges a group to achieve a goal, but does not explain how to successfully complete the challenge. Participants must work to find a solution individually and together as a team, and must communicate and learn from each other in order to be successful.

The structured learning process begins with the experience followed by reflection, discussion, analysis correlation and application of the profound learning back at the work environment. Fill in the Training Needs Form and let our experts design a meaningful learning program for your team.


Experiential Learning
Learning from experience is a powerful methodology. More organizations are adopting Experiential Learning to address the Training needs of its workforce. Experiencing, Sharing, Analyzing, Reflecting and correlating the learning’s for application at the workplace is what makes experiential learning the most effective medium to develop individuals and Teams at the workplace.

The Participants undergoing the training are instantly able to feel the results of their actions and realize the immense difference that can be made by a changing their thinking and behavior. My Adventure Time has expertise and professionals to conduct both outbound and in house experiential learning through a variety of methods, activities and games.


Behavioral Training
Behavioral Training through team building has helped much corporate gain competitive advantage by having a strong productive work force.
The debriefing sessions at the end of each training activity helps in reflection, retention and internalizing of concepts and promotes instant behavioral change.  Our certified and experienced facilitators help participants to connect and co-relate the learning’s from these outbound activities to organisational goals and workplace issues.

Behavioral change is maximized when the participants are fully involved and engrossed in a holistic learning environment that utilises all their senses, emotions, feelings and intelligence capabilities resulting in enhanced learning.


Adventure or Challenge based learning 
Adventure or Challenge based learning can be the key element of developing a tight knit, effective and high performance teams. It is a powerful learning method that results from the process of working toward the understanding or resolution of a problem or challenge at hand.
Challenge Based Learning provides the participants with a real problem to solve upfront, allow them to brainstorm and use resources to gather information, and finally, solve the problem.

Adventure Based Group challenges help people explore issues of leadership, cooperation, and conflict. The hands-on activities provide a laboratory for the team to experiment with different ways to lead or support each other. As with other experiential training, at the end of each exercise participants explore options for greater effectiveness through reflection, reviewing, debriefing and goal setting.
Because a group is making decisions in the moment, Challenge Based Learning helps groups see their own dynamics more clearly. It is a powerful method for team-building and self-discovery.