“Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there.”

–Virginia Burden

The performance of the team is not a cumulative sum of the individual success but works on a multiplier effect when people are able to make others successful. This is why, the solutions for organizational complexities do a not lie in cracking the code individually; they are achieved when everyone in the team develops clarity of the strategy with the help of each other. This day helps the participants experience the nuances of collaboration in the context of self, others and the team.

Training and team building is the core responsibility of any organization. Organizations Across the globe have people with diverse skill sets and personalities. This contributes to Improper Contribution, conflict and competition leading to team initiatives failing often. In order to ensure synergy, organizations need to constantly sharpen the leadership and
team building skill of its workforce.

The outbound training is aimed at helping participants explore the important elements of

  • Trust building
  • Team building
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

Learning Style: Experiential Learning with Adventure and Team Building Activities.

Experiential learning offers many way where business lessons in real life can be simulated through action learning, and well researched games, and activities, and offers a chance to practice learning by doing. Adult learning principles are incorporated to give a more of “hands-on” approach to learning which not only provide for more variety, but also leads to a more profound participation and comprehension.

Training Outcomes

After undergoing the training the participants will be able to:

  1. Enhance team bonding and trust building among each other.
  2. Have open communication and manage conflicts in the team.
  3. Work on areas of teamwork, collaboration to achieve results.