AAC  is a registered club under society act Non- Profit Organisation for the Community that caters to trekking, hiking, camping, outdoors, bird watching and adventure sports like rock climbing, rappelling, paragliding, skiing, white water rafting, scuba diving. The club provides everyone opportunities to get outdoors, try new adventure activities, and generally have a fantastic outdoor time. Individuals interested in adventure can directly join the community adventure site at


Aligarh Adventure Club started by formers captains of Hiking & Mountaineering Club AMU Aligarh, Mountaineers and Mt. Everest Climber.                                                                         

Aligarh Adventure Club provides you an opportunity to be a part of Adventure world. Adventure is one of the most popular and appreciated sport and become means of personality development for young generation. We realize this fact and provides you the opportunity to be a part of Adventure and develop your skills while enjoying and visiting very attractive and famous places in the foot hills of Himalayas like Mussoorie, Dehradoon, dhoaj, Bayana, Sahstradhara, Nainital, Ranikhet, Rishikesh etc.

It deal for the school/college students, teachers and youth who are exposed to various, outdoor-bound activities like Trekking, Rock Climbing, River crossing etc. through these activities student realize the potential of their characters, strength and weakness both physical and mental, and ability to lead an active life under any natural condition.


Our aim to develop the interest among the students and create awareness of adventure sports we want to engage with education institutes, schools and colleges in the field of Adventure sports, Outdoor/Adventure Activities and Outdoor Experiential Learning Programs. To motivate youngsters to the mountain and develop certain traits of personality that cannot be developed in the shelter environment of homes. We also instil self confidence, endurance, preservation and determination through various Adventure Activities and team games. Through these activities, students realize the potential of their characters, strength and weakness both physical and mental.


Aligarh Adventure Club takes the children on trekking trips, either for a day or over a weekend, as per your choice. We have identified many trekking locations around Delhi NCR, Dhaoj, Bayana, Northen Himalayas, and many other cities. These treks do not require advanced technical skills and they are all child-safe.

Schools also have the benefit of conducting Aligarh Adventure Club activities within the school/college campus. During these activities, children watch movies about the world of mountains. They interact with Mt. Everest Climber, mountaineers and social workers, from whom they can listen to exciting first-hand experiences. They learn to read maps and GPS systems, and do some interesting activities related to hiking/trekking, like team building activities, fun and team games, camping, using a sleeping bag and self cooking etc.

The benefits are many, but we wish to focus on the transformation of children. As an outcome, you may see shy children turning into outspoken and enthusiastic individuals. Leadership qualities may come from unexpected corners of your classroom. Children are also bound to have heightened awareness and responsibility towards nature.                                                                                                       

School/College Premises

Adventure learning & Training Programme

To create awareness of adventure sports and develop the interest among the students we will organise FREE DEMONSTRATON CAMP, DAY and OVERNIGHT CAMP compiling Camping, Adventure activities, Challenge Rope course activities, and Artificial Wall climbing practices/competitions, Team Building Activities, Fun and Adventure Games etc Non-Profit, within the School/College premises.


To promote the spirit of adventure among youngsters, we offer specialized programs for schools. All school itineraries are customized programs for youngsters. We could draft the itinerary / special incentive program as per your requirement.


The idea is to provide the adventure activities/games in school/college premises and holiday tours close to nature in the form of outdoor camping away from regular tourist mobs. Our basic adventure activities and games include trekking, camping, river rafting, skiing, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, wildlife safari, Road Trip, Rope courses, Bush crafting, Parasailing, Paragliding, caving, Scuba Diving, Bungee Jumping, Surfing, Summer camp, Team Building, Corporate Training and programs etc. Environment workshop, interaction with local schools/villagers, visits to local museums and other cultural centers helps the participants realize the importance of the heritage and traditions along with the development of an awareness for the environment problem.


Apart from providing a fun-filled experience, each such exercise fosters qualities of self-confidence, leadership, determination, and dignity of labor and team spirit amongst its participants.