To create awareness of adventure sports and develop the interest among the students we also organised Adventure/Summer Camps compiling Camping, Adventure activities, Challenge Rope course activities, and Artificial Wall climbing practices/competitions, Team Building Activities, Fun and Adventure Games etc, within the School/College premises.

We conduct 1 to 5 days camp where the kids get exposure to adventure activities, nature based learning which helps them learn from the experiences and makes them self reliant and independent. The focus of the camps is to give the students the skills needed to develop confidence.

 My Adventure Time provides you an opportunity to be a part of Adventure world. Adventure is one of the most popular and appreciated sport and become means of personality development for young generation. We realize this fact and provide you the opportunity to be a part of Adventure and develop your skills.



To introduce youngster to the mountain and develop certain traits of personality which cannot be developed in the shelter environment of homes and build up self confidence, endurance, preservation and determination through various Adventure activities. My Adventure Time is a more than just a hobby club. It’s a process of transforming a child into a motivated learner, a self-disciplined and confident individual. It also instils in children a good deal of care for the environment.



 It deals for the school students, teachers and youth who are exposed to various, outdoor activities like camping, Rappelling, Archery, rifle shooting, paintball, ATV riding, rope courses, inflatable games, ladder climbing, free fall, zorb ball, team building activities, fun and team games etc. through these activities student realize the potential of their characters, strength and weakness both physical and mental, and ability to lead an active life under any natural condition.


Safety: Safety is given utmost priority on all our adventure events and we are proud of our safety standards. Our strict safety code of conduct, the state-of-the-art equipment, and our qualified instructors ensure and maintain our safety record.

Our outdoor team is trained and certified in First Aid and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). To keep the experience rich as well as safe we maintain an outdoor specialist to student ratio of 1:10

Equipment: We have state-of-the-art equipment including UIAA certified climbing equipment, helmets, and life jackets.

Sustainability: Our events lay tremendous emphasis on sustainability and encourage the students to be sensitive to the environment, people and places they visit.

Food: we give top priority to hygiene while preparing the delicious food served in camp. It is generally a combination of Indian and Continental Veg food.  Fresh Fruits and vegetables are obtained locally. We provide mineral water in the tents.

Camp Doctor: We ensure the presence of a camp doctor with equipped First Aid and Medicines at the camp and a standby vehicle to handle emergencies of any kind.