MY ADVENTURE TIME has evolved with the aim of eco-friendly hill tourism to develop and enhanced the potential of adventure sports and soft adventure camps in India.

My Adventure Time goes well beyond sight-seeing as it also believes in observing, learning and respecting the nature. We primarily focus on outdoor trips/ program based on the interest of schools/ institutes. We also believe that this adventurous journey will certainly make the students ready to face hardships in their everyday life. All the activities that we suggest to you are unique and enthusiastic.
We offer student adventure travel trips that combine new avenues for friendship, amazing trip leaders, incredible activities and breathtaking destinations, it will certainly fetch you an unforgettable experience. The organization conducts trips within India and also neighbouring countries, and provides educational/adventure based outdoor experiential learning programs.

The organization deals in the northern region and provides adventure based outdoor experiential learning programs. After gaining a wide exposure and experience in the adventure and travel, the promoters started the company.  The organization provides a wide range of programs ranging from customized Holidays, Camping, Trekking, Rock Climbing, White Water Rafting, Jeep Safari, Wildlife Tours, Angling, soft adventure camps. Incorporating adventure, leisure, learning and entertainment.

MY ADVENTURE TIME provides you an opportunity to explore the excited adventure world. Adventure is one of the most popular and appreciated sport and become means of personality development for young generation. We realizes this fact and provides you the opportunity to be a part of outdoors and develop your skills while enjoying and exploring very attractive and famous places in Himalayas, wilderness of forest reserves, dry deserts, rivers and water bodies, snow fields, high altitude passes & lakes and many more…

The MY ADVENTURE TIME way all the activities that we suggest to you are unique and off the beaten tourist trail!
We don’t believe in just sight-seeing, we believe in observing, learning and respecting. From skiing down a snow slope to negotiating the white water rapids, trekking across the high mountain passes to setting up a tent in wilderness, deep sea swimming to dolphin watching in the uninhabited islands of Karnataka, from visiting potter’s villages in Maharashtra to roaring elephants in Corbett.

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To expose youngsters to the mountain and develop certain traits of personality that cannot be develop in the shelter environment of homes. It also instils self confidence, endurance, preservation and determination through various Adventure Activities and games. the target group includes school/college students, teachers and youth to expose theme with various, outbound activities like Trekking, Camping, Rock climbing, Artificial wall climbing, obstacles course etc. Through these activities, the target group particularly students realize the potential of their characters, strength and weakness both physical and mental.

To create awareness of adventure sports and develop interest among the students we also organize day programs, compiling adventure/ challenge rope course activities within the campus.

We customized outstation outdoor trips/ program, based on need of school/ institutes. Such programs provides a stimulating and physical outdoor pursuits such as trekking, camping, rock climbing, river rafting, offers unique, exciting travel programs for students and young professionals. Each life-enriching program is carefully planned and executed with time for fun and adventure built in. Expand your horizons in great places with great people and discover yourself in the process.

My Adventure Time is committed to excellence in all aspects of its undertakings. It is our policy to achieve the highest standards of health and safety, and to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all employees, guests, travelers and others who may be affected by operations.

We also acknowledge the special responsibility placed upon us for the care of the young people who participate in our programs.  We will continue to diligently discharge these responsibilities to ensure our guests’ ongoing safety and well being.

We recognize that the effective management of health and safety on trips is both a shared responsibility and a management responsibility of equal importance to any other. To this end, we encourage involvement in safety management, and will provide the necessary training, guidance and support to enable employees at all levels to deliver a successful result oriented programs/trips.

My Adventure Time having gained deep insight and experience in the Adventure travel industry, and understanding the varied and extensive needs of Adventurers & travellers, to enhance the potential of adventure sports and adventure camps in India.

The organization offers exotic destinations in the Northern region and provides adventure based program in the Garhwal and Kumaon Hills, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and the North Eastern circuit. The organization provides a full variety of programs ranging from customized holidays, white water rafting, trekking, Rock Climbing, Camping,  jeep safaris, Biking, mountain bicycling, wildlife tracking, angling, soft adventure camps and outdoor training to organizing packages incorporating adventure, leisure, learning and Entertainment. Environment workshop, interaction with local schools/villagers, visits to local museums and other cultural centers helps the participants realize the importance of the heritage and traditions along with the development of an awareness for the environment problem. Great care is taken to provide customized, quality service to all clients and attention is paid to all details while planning itineraries.